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Best Women’s football boots (2021 Review)

With women football gaining worldwide popularity, more and more brands claiming to have the best women’s football boots have sprung. Therefore, if you are in the market for football boots, it would help if you take your time to consider all your options.

Most people believe that the performance of football players is determined by their skills, speed, or ball handling. This might be true- however, athletes’ type of footwear also plays a crucial role. Shoes are vital for enhancing running efficiency, preventing injury, and, more importantly, providing comfort. In this article, we will share some of the best women’s football boots in the market today.

PUMA Women’s One 5.1

Our number one recommendation is the PUMA ONE 5.1, which offers versatility both on natural and artificial grass. It is a well-designed shoe that combines kangaroo leather and synthetic materials, all knitted into one beautiful boot. By combining all these materials, the shoe has a fantastic feel and stability.

PUMA has also added some excellent features that make this shoe more flexible and have a personalized fit. This boot is exceptionally comfortable for footballers since its kangaroo leather is quite thin, providing an impressively intimate feel. PUMA has had its share of challenges since they released the PUMA Silo Brand, however, trust me when I say the new PUMA One 5.1 is the best boot that they have produced in quite a long time.

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Heel pull tab for easy on/off

Customizable lacing structure (FUSEFIT)

Provided flexible movements


Suitable for both natural and artificial grass


* Heel slippage (rarely)

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Nike Unisex Adults Mercurial Vapor

Nike football boots are very popular, and I am sure you might have seen this beautiful blue boots on the pitch. Besides its visually impressive aesthetics, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 packs other benefits. Similar to the PUMA 5.1, these boots are also ideal for both artificial and natural turfs as they have a versatile multi-ground plate.

Nikes Mercurial Vapor is made out of synthetic material, making it soft, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. With these boots, you can be guaranteed reliable touch regardless of the weather due to its comfortable inner lining.

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It’s a speed boot

Comfortable lining

Textured synthetic material



* Low volume and narrow toe box (not ideal if you have wide/large feet)

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Adidas Copa Mundial

We cannot do any football shoe wear review without mentioning Adidas. If you are into football, the Adidas Copa Mundial is one shoe you should consider. It offers a classic unisex design and comes in black and white. It is made out of Kangaroo leather, making it very durable. Since this shoe is unisex, you won’t have to worry about fitting you (especially if you have wide fit).

Additionally, its soft synthetic lining provides for additional comfort. While this might not be the lightest shoe in the market (331 grams), it compensates for the quality of materials used and durability.

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Very durable




* It does not have a modern design

* Slight problems with fitting (might fit longer than regular boots)

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Adidas’ Nemeziz FxG

If you are on a budget, this shoe is for you. Despite being relatively cheap, the shoe does not compromise on quality. These pink football boots are entirely made out of synthetic material (both inner and outer). However, it is designed to have a flexible ground outsole, making it ideal for natural and artificial grass. It is easy to fit due to its soft synthetic lining.

The best features of the NemezizFxG includes: its flexible mono-tongue which secures your foot once worn, allowing for speed control and stability. However, this is not the most durable shoe in the market, especially when exposed to the elements like rain and snow. Regardless, it offers excellent value for money. You get to enjoy most of the specs that Adidas offers at a reduced price.

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Very affordable

Versatile ground outsole


* Made out of 100% synthetic material

* Not very durable especally when exposed to Water and Snow

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Women Football Shoes Buyers Guide

For you to acquire the best women’s football boots, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

Know Your Size

This might sound obvious; however, size is an essential factor, especially in sportswear. From some of the bots that we have highlighted (e.g., the Nike Mercurial Vapor 13), you might have noticed that we mentioned that it is not ideal for people with wide feet. Also, we noted that Adidas Copa Mundial tends to fit longer than other shoes.

These are just examples that show you how vital shoe size is. Always ensure that your boots perfectly fit you. When your shoes are either too tight or loose, you can get blisters, and it can also slow you down. Ensure that you know your shoe size before you make your next order.

The Position You Play

Modern shoes are designed to be useful for different types of players. All you need to know is:-

High-Tops – Ideal for wingers since they provide extra ankle support.

Mid-Cut – Great for defensive players

Low-cut – For skill players since they are lightweight. Consider these if you are a striker.

The weight of the shoes

Due to advancements in technology, football shoes are becoming lighter. This is due to new technology, aero design and material used to manufacture the shoes. If your football boot is too heavy, it might not be as comfortable as you would like and will affect your performance.

Consider your Budget

The price of shoes varies depending on the brand, technology, and material used. Do not be fooled by marketers who sell expensive boots, especially if you are on a budget. Some football boots are cheap and deliver on quality and durability.

Understand Basic Football Boots Terminologies

You might be wondering what things such as FG, studs, AG, and SG mean. Allow me to break it down for you. SG, AG, and FG all refer to different grounds.

SG – It stands for soft ground.

AG – Stands for artificial ground

FG – Stands for firm ground

Studs – The metal or plastic points that are under your sole.


There are numerous women’s football boots available in the market today. It is, therefore, vital that you take your time to evaluate all the options you have. Always consider your playing position, shoe size, and, more importantly, your budget. Our article recommends four different boots (all selling at different price ranges) that we believe will offer you the best value for money.

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