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As winter approaches, many people start to shop for winter coats and sweaters. While these are important for keeping you warm, you also need to keep your feet warm and comfortable, especially if wearing unisulated boots..

Therefore, investing in quality winter boots can help keep your feet warm and comfortable during the winter. The debate on whether to buy insulated or uninsulated winter boots has been around for a while. The truth is that both insulated and non-insulated boots have their advantages and disadvantages.

Insulated winter boots keep feet warm and are suitable for outdoor activities. On the other hand, uninsulated boots are less bulky, making them good for rainy weather and milder temperatures. Most uninsulated boots are waterproof, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

In this article, we will look at socks you can wear with your uninsulated boots to keep your feet warm and comfortable during the winter. The best socks for uninsulated boots can keep your feet warm, prevent blisters, and cushion your feet during winter.

5 Best Socks for Uninsulated Boots Review

There are many warm socks on the market, but they are reliable enough to provide your feet with support and comfort when wearing them with uninsulated boots. After thorough research, we have identified some of the most reliable socks for uninsulated boots.

Here are reviews for the five best socks for uninsulated boots.

1. Best Overall: Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Sock

Darn Tough (Style 1405) Men's Hiker Boot Midweight with Full Cushion Sock (Eclipse, Medium)
  • Midweight with Full Cushion - A Midweight...
  • Boot Sock Height - Sits mid-calf for added...
  • Composition - Knit with 66% Merino Wool 32%...

First on our list is the Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Socks, which are quality socks ideal for uninsulated boots. They are made in Vermont with fine-gauge knitting.

These merino-wool-blend socks are designed to provide supreme comfort, breathability, and fast-drying performance. They are great for pairing with uninsulated boots.

Merino wool is warm and offers year-round comfort. It is also breathable and naturally antimicrobial, repelling bacteria and odor. The wool boot socks fit perfectly on your feet and don’t slip. Darn Tough offers a “lifetime guarantee”.


  • The 59% Merino Wool, 39% Nylon, and 2% Lycra/Spandex fabric blend pulls moisture away from the skin and dries quickly.
  • The undetectable seam fusion creates an ultra-smooth, invisible feel.
  • The socks are guaranteed for life by Darn Tough.
  • The wool boot socks have a moisture-wicking feature to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


  • The socks are pricey.

2. Best Thick Socks: Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker Socks

Secondly, the Wigwam Merino Comfort Hiker Socks are comfortable merino wool blend socks that are durable. The socks are made of 62% Merino Wool, 34% Stretch Nylon, 2% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. The socks don’t shrink or itch.

They feature a pile-lined interior, which includes an extra layer of loops of yarn to keep your feet warm during winter. They have a soft feel and provide substantial cushioning, especially on the sole.

Additionally, these Merino socks are thick without being bulky, making them a good choice for uninsulated boots.


  • The socks have a pile-lined interior for warmth
  • They are made of a soft merino wool blend for comfort.
  • They are an excellent value for money.
  • They are well cushioned on the soles for extra comfort.


  • The socks might be too thick for wearing with shoes.

3. Best Premium: Smartwool Ski Targeted Cushion Pattern Socks

Smartwool Ski Pattern Targeted Cushion Merino Wool Over The Calf Socks For Men and Women
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SKI SOCK. Patterned for...
  • TARGETED CUSHION. Made with a light cushion...
  • OVER THE CALF SOCKS. Featuring a tall, over...

The Smartwool Ski Targeted Cushion Pattern Socks are knee-high pairs designed for winter sports. The socks are made with ZQ-certified merino wool to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability while safeguarding animal welfare.

The socks are made of 60% merino wool, 37% nylon, and 3% elastane. They are stretchy to fit the structure of your feet. The socks feature Shred Shield™ technology to reduce wear from toes.

The OTC (Over-the-Calf) socks keep your feet warm and comfortable all day. The 4 Degree™ elite fit system dials in the performance-oriented fit. They are designed using Indestructawool™ technology for enhanced durability.


  • The Shred Shield™ technology reduces wear from toes.
  • The socks feature wider welts to secure the fit and deliver comfort.
  • They have body-mapped mesh zones for breathability.
  • The socks are made in the USA.


  • Are more expensive than most Smartwool socks.

4. Best Value: Under Armour Adult Hitch Coldgear Boot Socks

Under Armour Hitch ColdGear Boot Socks, 2-Pairs
  • Shoe Size: Men 4-8, Women 6-9
  • Full cushion construction provides maximum...
  • Material wicks sweat and dries fast

The Under Armour Adult Hitch Coldgear Boot Socks are quality socks from a top-performing brand that makes durable and quality products. The socks are a good choice for people looking for socks that offer performance and comfort.

The socks are made of 68% polyester/16% wool/15% nylon/1% spandex. The fabric blend provides optimized stretch and durability. They feature a built-in vent design with ColdGear enhancements to maximize airflow for cooling comfort.

The socks are fully cushioned to ensure all-day comfort, making them suitable for wearing with uninsulated boots. They are machine washable.


  • The socks are machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • They are from a top-tested apparel brand.
  • The polyester-wool blend wicks sweat to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • The socks stretch to provide you with a snug fit.


  • The socks are tight for people with wider calves.

5. Best Thermal Socks: HEAT HOLDERS Lite Thermal Crew Socks: 

Heat Holders Lite - Mens Winter Warm 1.6 TOG Thin Casual Thermal Crew Socks
  • 🔥 HEAT HOLDERS LITE SOCKS - Designed for...
  • 🔥 1.6 TOG RATING - Boasting a tog rating...
  • 🔥 ADVANCED THERMAL YARN - Designed with...

Lastly, the HEAT HOLDERS Lite Thermal Crew Socks are reliable socks made using heat-holder yarn. They provide high-performance insulation against colds and superior moisture-breathing abilities. The socks have a soft interior that provides your feet with warmth and comfort.

They have been scientifically tested to be 5x Warmer than a basic cotton sock, with a tog rating of 1.6. The socks are thin enough to fit into your everyday shoes but thick enough to ensure heat insulation for warmth and comfort.

The socks are made using 93% acrylic, 6% polyester, and 1% elastane. They utilize innovative knitting technology that produces unique, extra-long looped cushion piles to hold in more warm air, increasing the TOG rating.


  • The socks have a soft interior that is good for people with sensitive skin.
  • They keep your feet warm and comfortable all day.
  • The thermal socks have been tested to be 5x Warmer than normal socks.
  • They provide your feet with cushioning and support.
  • The socks are thin enough to fit in ordinary shoes.
  • The crew height is good for boots.


  • The socks need to be line-dried.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying Socks For Uninsulated Boots

Understanding what to look for in the best socks for uninsulated boots can help you find socks that suit your budget and requirements. Here are some factors to consider when looking for socks for uninsulated boots.

1. Material

Cotton is a good material for socks, but socks made of 100% cotton may not be ideal when looking for the best socks for uninsulated boots. Cotton tends to hold moisture, making your feet feel wet.

Consider socks made of wool. Wool is a thermoregulating fiber that keeps feet warm and dry. People who are allergic to wool can opt for acrylic fiber, which is a good substitute for insulating heat.

Socks made of 100% wool are warm and comfortable, but they may not be stretchy and flexible enough to fit snugly on your feet. Look for socks that have a blend of wool and other fibers such as nylon, polyester, spandex, or elastane.

The fibers add stretch to the socks to ensure that they fit the structure and shape of your feet.

2. Thickness

Super thick socks may seem comfortable and warm, but if they are too thick, they can cause blisters or cut off proper circulation. The primary purpose of wearing socks with boots is to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

No matter what socks you choose, you should still be able to feel your feet and the interior of the boots. Thicker socks aren’t necessarily a better option. The best socks for uninstalled boots use loops of yarn on the interior to trap warm air to trap warmth.

3. Fit and Comfort

The fit of your socks is essential for preventing blisters, hot spots, and discomfort during prolonged wear. Choose socks that provide a snug yet comfortable fit without being too tight or restrictive.

Additionally, the best socks for uninsulated boots should provide your feet with comfort. They should fit snugly without feeling too tight. Choose socks that feel soft and comfortable on your feet. The socks should not slip in your boots.

4. Moisture Management

Sweaty feet can lead to discomfort, blisters, and even frostbite in extreme conditions. Therefore, choosing socks that effectively manage moisture and keep your feet dry throughout the day is crucial.

Merino wool socks excel in this aspect as they naturally wick moisture away from the skin, helping to regulate temperature and prevent sweat buildup. Additionally, look for socks with moisture-wicking synthetic fibers or breathable mesh panels strategically placed to enhance ventilation and airflow.

5. Budget Considerations

Finally, while investing in quality socks is essential for comfort and performance, consider your budget and prioritize features that align with your needs and preferences.

Remember that high-quality socks are often more durable and offer better performance, potentially providing better value in the long run despite a higher upfront cost.


Shopping for the best socks for uninsulated boots has been made easier. We have provided some important factors to guide you in identifying socks for uninsulated boots and reviews of some of the most reliable and durable socks you can wear with uninsulated boots.

Any of the five socks we have reviewed make a good choice for uninsulated boots. The socks vary in the fabric blend used to make them and their prices. Choose socks that suit your budget and meet your needs and requirements.

Comfort and insulation should be the key features to guide you when looking for socks to wear with uninsulated boots. We hope this article has helped you pick the best socks for uninsulated boots.

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