Best Shoes for Waitressing UK | 2024 Guide

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Waitressing is a very demanding job that requires you to be on your feet for a long time. The constant moving back and forth between tables is not only tiring but can also be overwhelming.

According to podiatrists, long hours of standing and walking while wearing the wrong type of shoe can easily lead to foot, ankle, and arch problems that can have long-term negative impacts.

The best shoes for waitressing should be reliable and comfortable to prevent slips, fatigue, back pain, and knee problems. They should also enhance your look, provide enough support, and stay durable.

When looking for a waitressing shoe, look for one that provides better arch support and improved flexibility. You should also ensure that the shoes you select offer durability and slip-resistant soles and provide your feet with enough support.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Waitressing Shoes

Identifying the best shoes for waitressing might seem difficult, but it becomes easy once you understand what features to look for in the ideal shoes.

To help you identify the right shoes that match your type of job, we have provided you with some factors and tips to help you make an informed decision.

1. Comfort

Since waitresses spend most of their time standing and walking, comfort is the most essential feature to consider when looking for the best shoes for waitressing. The shoes you select should have enough room for your toes and shouldn’t be too tight.

Remember to look at the thickness, cushioning, breathability, and quality of the material used to make the shoes. We all know that heeled shoes are not waitressing shoes.

Heels are only aesthetic and will not provide you with comfort, so refrain from heeled shoes when shopping for waitressing shoes.

2. Grip and Slip Resistance

Shoe grip is vital in waitressing shoes due to the fast-paced and high-traffic nature of restaurant environments. A good grip ensures safety by preventing slips, trips, and falls on wet or debris-covered floors, reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

Additionally, a good grip provides stability, allowing waitresses to navigate crowded spaces and carry trays confidently and efficiently. This stability also promotes efficiency, enabling waitresses to move quickly and efficiently to provide prompt service to customers.

Therefore, the best waitressing shoes should offer excellent slip resistance to prevent stumbling or tripping. Consider shoes with quality insoles and enough cushioning for a better grip.

3. Protection and Safety

Working in a restaurant environment involves navigating through crowded spaces, carrying heavy trays, and dealing with spills and slippery surfaces. Shoes with adequate protection, such as reinforced toes and sturdy construction, help prevent injuries from falling objects or accidental impacts.

Look for shoes that will protect you from slipping on oil, grease, or water and also from electrical hazards. Waitresses are often exposed to this kind of risk as they go about their jobs. Therefore, they should choose suitable shoes that protect them from these risks.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Most waitressing shoes are made of genuine leather, mesh, synthetic, and other fabrics. However, if you are looking for shoes that are easy to clean and maintain, consider leather shoes.

Shoes made of synthetics and leather are easier to clean compared to those made of other materials. Consider getting shoes made of these materials for easy maintenance.

5. Durability and Quality Material

The material used to make a shoe can determine its durability. Shoes made from low-quality material will not provide durability. A wide range of materials, such as leather, rubber, and canvas, are available.

Choose the shoe material that provides you with both comfort and durability. According to experts, shoes made of leather or suede are a better option for waitressing since they let your feet breathe and conform to your feet for maximum comfort and breathability.

5 Best Shoes for Waitressing UK Review

Now that you understand what to look for in the best shoes for waitressing let us look at some of the reliable and quality shoes available on the market today.

1. Skechers Soft Stride Softie Work Shoes (Best Overall)

Skechers for Work Women's Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up, Black, 5 W
  • Slip-resistant work shoe with athletic...
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up

The Skechers Soft Stride-Softie Work Shoes is a lightweight and comfortable shoe that allows you to spend longer hours waitressing at a restaurant. The shoe provides you with comfort, grip, and support.

The work shoes are made from 100% leather and have a breathable lace-up pattern for improved comfort. If you are on a budget and need a shoe that offers value for your money, choose the Soft Stride-softie shoe.

The shoes are available in black color. The shoes have a slip-resistant sole to protect you from stumbling. They are cushioned for a lightweight and comfortable feel.


  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable.
  • They come with a breathable lace-up design for added comfort.
  • Skechers women’s Soft Stride-softie has anti-slip soles and cushioning to support your feet.


  • The shoes are not easy to clean.
  • The bottom of the shoes gets dirty easily.

2. Skechers Squad SR Food Service Shoe (Best Arch Support)

Skechers Women's Squad SR Food Service Shoe, Black, 8 Wide
  • Light Weight Slip on
  • Slip Resistant
  • Electrical Hazard

Secondly, the Skechers Squad SR Food Service Shoe is specifically designed for people in the food service industry. Its lace-up design provides comfort and enough space for your feet to move.

The shoes are made from synthetic material and also have a synthetic sole. They are great for people looking for all-day wear shoes. The service shoes have a low-top arch to keep your feet comfortable.

They are also anti-slip to protect you from slipping and give your feet support and stability.


  • It is a slip-resistant shoe that will keep you stable even on a wet floor.
  • The shoes have good arch support to prevent pain and strain on your feet and ankles.
  • They come with a breathable lace-up pattern for comfort.
  • The Food Service Shoes are very comfortable and durable.


  • The shoes get stained easily.

3. Skechers Work Women Fit Slip Shoes (Most Comfortable)

The Skechers Work Women’s Fit Slip Shoes is an excellent choice for waitresses who need a good pair of shoes that last long and keep their feet comfortable and stable. These wide-width shoes are designed to provide servers with both support and comfort.

They provide you with roomy fit and slip-resistant outsoles, making them reliable even in wet conditions. With these shoes, you can walk confidently without worrying about stumbling.

The shoes are lightweight and will not strain your feet. They have been tested for protection against electrical hazards, compression, and impact.


  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable
  • They come with slip-resistant outsoles to prevent slips and stumbles.
  • Skechers Work Footwear provides you with value for your money.


  • The shoes might run a bit large, so ensure you get the right size.

4. Avia Avi-Union II Food Service Shoe (Best Value)

Avia Avi-Union II Strap Non Slip Shoes for Women – Comfort Safety Shoes for Work, Nursing,...

If you are looking for comfort and flexibility in a shoe, consider the Avia Avi-Union II Non-Slip Shoes. They are made of synthetic leather and have a memory foam sock liner for added comfort.

They feature rubber soles that are stain and water-resistant. The soles’ rubber tread patterns provide a better grip and make the shoes oil and slip-resistant.

These reliable service shoes are designed to remain true to their purpose by offering waitresses the support they need throughout the day.

The Avia-Avi shoes have an arch support feature that offers cushioning around the metatarsal joints, reducing strain on the feet while helping prevent common foot injuries.


  • The shoes have rubber soles that are water and stain-resistant to prevent slips and stumbles.
  • They include a rubber tread pattern for improved grip and support even on wet surfaces.
  • The shoes go well with most waitress uniforms.


  • The shoes might run a size larger.

5. Avia Avi-Focus Food Service Shoe (Best for All-Day Wear)

Avia Focus Black Non Slip Shoes for Women – Comfort Shoes for Work, Nursing, Restaurants, &...

The Avia Avi-Focus Food Service Shoes is a shoe for women who are looking for a shoe that is both comfortable and stylish.

It is a lightweight and comfortable shoe designed to provide your feet with support and comfort as you go about your everyday activities.

The shoe features a rubber sole and lace-up pattern that make it an excellent choice for people who spend long hours on their feet. It also includes a memory foam sock liner that ensures added comfort and improved grip.


  • The shoe has an oil and stain-resistant sole.
  • It comes with a memory foam cushioning for added support.
  • The service shoe is designed to provide enough room for your toes and feet.
  • They are highly durable and reliable.


  • The shoe can run a size bigger.


The best shoes for waitressing should provide your feet with the support and comfort they need. The type of shoes you choose does not matter; always ensure that they provide the required features to protect your feet from pain or strain.

If you use the factors we provided to select a waitressing shoe, you are assured of getting a shoe that will serve you for a long time and keep your feet happy. The wrong shoe will leave you with blisters and foot aches, affecting your gait.

Choose comfortable and flexible shoes to adapt to your natural foot movement. The right shoes will help you feel comfortable all day and make you more efficient while working at the restaurant.

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