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Looking for classy ladies boots with heels? We got 6!

Looking for classy ladies boots with heels? We got six best heeled boots to fit every look and budget.

1- Gabor, Women’s, Collier M, Long Boots

If you are thinking of something classic, these gorgeous Gabor Collier Long Boots will fit the bill.   They are available in black and brown to match your look.  The brown boots will look fantastic for a casual look; while the black will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Crafted from premium leather, these boots will make you feel like a star.

The luxurious leather is durable, practical and can only improve with constant wear. The inner zip will make putting these sexy boots a cinch. The rounded toe will ensure comfort. Your toes will not feel pinched.  These boots come with a 6.5 cm block heel, which makes the boots sturdy without sacrificing height. Do yourself a favour and add these boots to your wardrobe staple.

These classic boots is a great investment and will become a firm favourite.


2- Gabor, Women’s, Fiora, Ankle Boots

How about this eye-catching Gabor Fiora boots? Similar to the Collier model, the Fiora is crafted from durable, luxurious leather and stands with a 6.5 cm block heel.  They are more streamlined in look with a contrast stitching at the base. These boots comes in a wide range of sizes from UK 3 to 8.5.  The medium wide fit will ensure you are comfortable when wearing these boots. This is a handsome pair will certainly turn heads when you stride up the path


3- Merrell Emery Lace High, Women’s Slouch Boots

Even if you are traipsing in the great outdoors, there is no reason to sacrifice style for comfort. The Merrell brand is synonymous with quality.  The footwear they produced are comfortable and durable, suitable for those leading an active life. These Merrell Emery slouch boots combines both good looks and functionality.  They are perfect for the cold weather.

The cosy faux lining will keep your feet warm, while the rugged suede upper makes these boots perfect for long treks in cold or wet conditions.  For a more personal fit, the boots have strong lacing across up to the top. The 3cm (1 ½ inch) heel gives the boots height and the non-slip rubber sole gives great traction in wet or icy conditions.  Coming in black or brown, you can match these boots. This is a fantastic pair of boots to have in your collection and gives great value for money.


4- Gabor Women’s Bonsoir Ankle Boots

For a more edgy look, you don’t have to look further than these Gabor Bonsoir Ankle Boots . With a choice of over six colours, there will be a pair that will suit your outfit. The colours are suitable to transit from day to night wear; so you can pop out to a drinks party after a day’s hard work.  It is well-designed in a modern style with a side zip. Not very many good quality boots comes in such a wide variety of sizes. I am pleased to say these ankle boots are available in size UK 3.5 to 9.5. Crafted from long lasting leather, these boots have a wide fit.  Coupled with the 4.5 cm stacked heels, these provides support and superior comfort. Even after a day of shopping and a long night of partying, your feet will thank you for wearing these boots.


5- Fly London Women’s Pled819fly Closed Toe Heels

Late spring and summer styles does not mean flats, slippers and flip flops.  Be classy and stylish with this beautiful pair of Fly London Pled819fly heels. Fly London ethos is “Always progressive, never conventional”. Their designers have no limitation when it comes to design and are asked to ‘Go where your inspiration takes you’. This has led to shoes which are innovative, quirky yet stylish.

The Pled819fly heels are no different. These heels are closed toe in design and comes in a pearl light grey colour. They are perfect when paired with casual jeans or a day dress.  The heels are rubber and provides great traction if you are caught in a spring shower or summer rain. The elasticated back provides a snug fit and the supple leather upper will make these shoes a dream to wear.


6- FLY London Women’s Yoss Cold lined classic boots short length

Another great FLY London design, these Yoss classic boots combines quirky design with function.  Made from high quality leather, these boots comes with elasticated side gusset which makes them easy to put on and pull off.  The heels stand at 3 inches and true to the FLY London concept, these boots come in a range of colours to suit your mood. These boots are perfect for cold weather and wet conditions without compromising on style.

These are just a snippet of beautiful heeled boots available. From classic to quirky, there will be one pair of boots which will melt your heart. With such a wide range of boots to fit every style, there is no reason not to be well ‘heeled’.


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