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How to clean Ugg Boots

Clean Ugg BootsPeople who own Ugg boots tend to love them through thick and thin. It is very rare to find an Ugg boot owner that would not live in them if they could. It’s therefore important if you do own some Ugg boots, that you know how to clean Ugg Boots.

Like a new puppy, Uggs curl up around your feet and fill you with warmth and joy, making coming home an absolute pleasure and even the most stressful day fade away.

The most popular colours of Uggs are the versatile chestnut and the classic cream, both of which can show up stains. And because they are as much an outdoor boot now as an indoor one, they do get dirty sometimes.

Even if they never go outside (come on, confess now, you’ve worn them out to the letter box or to bring in the bins, admit it!) they still can become the victims of mishaps and spills in the house. I for one tend to drop tea on them regularly.

Because we like to put them through their paces (so to speak!), sometimes admittedly they do need a clean. So, if you can bear to be without them on your feet long enough to make them all spick and span again, here’s some information how to clean Ugg boots.

Once you’ve cleaned your Ugg boots you may want to check out our guide on how to wear them.

How to clean Ugg Boots by Brushing them

Using a suede brush, which you can pick up from any good shoe store or shoe repairer, brush away any larger pieces of dirt or debris. This also softens the nap of the boot up for the next step of the cleaning process.

Damp cleaning

Using a damp clean cotton cloth, wet your boots all over so they are damp as well. You don’t want them dripping, just wet enough to absorb the cleaning product well.

We recommend using Ugg’s own Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner, which is obviously specially formulated to treat the wonder that are Uggs. A good quality suede cleaner will also usually work too.

Spray some cleaner onto a clean damp sponge, and then work this product into your whole boot. Start from the top and work down. It is best to clean the whole boot to have it come out all even and without any product or water marks.

Be very gentle with your Uggs, treat them like a small puppy that rolled in the mud. Be gentle as both the sheepskin and leather underneath are quite delicate and might bite you if you rub too hard. Ok they won’t bite, but don’t rub too hard anyway.

If the sponge gets dirty during the cleaning process, wash it out and keep going with it clean.


You need to clean off all of the product, either with a new damp cloth until it is completely gone, or by rinsing the boot under a tap. If you are going to pop them under a tap, do this fairly quickly as you don’t want the boot to get too wet.

Stand and stuff

Stuff the boots gently with crumpled newspaper, or those awesome boot shapers if you have some. Stand the boots and let them dry naturally for 24-48 hours, without putting them in the sun or exposing them to heating. Heating too quickly can cause the surface to dry wrinkled. I know this sounds like a long time to be without your Uggs, but you can get through this.

Finish them off lovingly

The final step in cleaning your Uggs is giving them that extra little bit of love and attention. Brush them again with the suede brush until the nap is all even and luxurious.

For extra protection, give them a spray with protective spray. The best is Ugg’s Water and Stain Repellent, but any good protective spray designed for suede boots should work too.

Stain removal

Grease or oil stains

These can be removed by drawing over the grease spot with a white piece of chalk, or cornstarch or talcum powder. Leave this on overnight, and the chalk will draw out the oil from the stain. Then brush off the chalk and follow the cleaning process as detailed above.

Dirt or salt stains

These can be rubbed off using an eraser, then follow the process above.

Water spots

If you have water spots appearing on the precious surface of your Uggs, this can be fixed by rubbing two sections of the surface together.

Can you put them through the washing machine?

Technically, yes you can, but you probably shouldn’t. Ugg doesn’t recommend this at all as they may lose shape, their lovely soft finish and come out looking uneven.

If your boots are very old and you don’t mind what they look like so much, but simply can’t be without them on your feet long enough to clean them properly, then you can pop them through washing machine.

Keep them maintained

You can remove smells from your Uggs by sprinkling in a little baking soda, and leaving this overnight, then tipping it out. You can also add a couple of drops of essential oil into the baking soda if you like.

Using your suede brush, brush them regularly to look after them, including the surface as well as the exposed sheepskin section.

Invest in protection

A fantastic tool to have on hand on is the care kit from Ugg. This contains the sheepskin cleaner, protector spray, a boot freshener, brush and a stain eraser. A must-have for the Ugg lover who has everything.

General guidelines on how to clean Ugg Boots

If you want your beloved boots to stay beautiful, the best thing to do is keep them clean in the first place. Don’t wear them in the snow or to jump in muddy puddles, Peppa-pig style. Don’t wear them to cook anything more complicated than tea and toast (and if you are as clumsy as me, maybe don’t even make tea while wearing them).

Use the protector spray when you first buy your Uggs, and semi-regularly from then on to keep them perfect. Give them a brush often, and whenever you feel like it, give them a lovely belly scratch as well. They like that.

Now you know how to clean Ugg boots you’ll never need to worry about them looking dirty.


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