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How to clean ugg boots

How to clean Ugg Boots

People who own Ugg boots tend to love them through thick and thin. It is very rare to find an Ugg boot owner that would not live in them if they could. It’s therefore important if you do own some Ugg boots, that you know how to clean Ugg Boots. Like a new puppy, Uggs […]

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How To Wear Ugg Boots

Table of contents Style them with Black Leggings Uggs and Shorts Combine Ugg Boots with White We have seen them everywhere, and you probably owned or wore a pair at least once in your life. The Ugg Boots have become a part of the fashion industry for some time now. They’re a unisex style of […]

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How to spot fake Ugg Boots

All the Ugg Boots on Boot Boutique are genuine. If you choose a boot on our site that states it’s Ugg Australia than it will be! However, we can’t vouch for other sites. Here’s a video on how to check if your boots are the genuine article.

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