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Best Shoes and Tips for Women who stand all-day

When your job requires you to stand or move for several hours, acquiring the right footwear is crucial. Therefore, in this article, we will give you our recommendation on the best shoes for women who stand all day that are available in the market. Standing or walking for several hours every day takes a toll […]

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Non Slip Shoes

How to make your shoes non-slip (Slip-resistant)

New shoes always tend to have slippery soles. However, after constant use, your favourite pair of footwear gains traction and become slip resistance. In cold winter weather, it can get difficult for you to walk on snow, making you very cautious of your steps. Walking on this snow blankets requires shoes with high slip-resistance features […]

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Top 6 Women’s Boots with Good Grip

Buying new boots can be stressful. There are so many different manufacturers and retailers. From well-known brands such as Ugg, Merrell, Rocket Dog and many more, it can turn what you thought would be a quick stop into a hour-long decision. If you are looking for a new pair of boots for any season ladies, […]

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Women Football Boots

Best Women’s football boots (2021 Review)

With women football gaining worldwide popularity, more and more brands claiming to have the best women’s football boots have sprung. Therefore, if you are in the market for football boots, it would help if you take your time to consider all your options. Most people believe that the performance of football players is determined by […]

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Looking for classy ladies boots with heels? We got 6!

Looking for classy ladies boots with heels? We got six best heeled boots to fit every look and budget. 1- Gabor, Women’s, Collier M, Long Boots If you are thinking of something classic, these gorgeous Gabor Collier Long Boots will fit the bill.   They are available in black and brown to match your look.  The brown […]

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Our Top 5 Women’s Laced Winter Boots

It’s that time of year again. Winter. The harshest and dreaded season. The cold, the slush, and the layers and layers of warm clothing. What can make this dreary season better? You know that your winter outfit is warm and cozy. What about your boots ladies? Perfect! You think. it’s time for a new pair. […]

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How to clean Ugg Boots

People who own Ugg boots tend to love them through thick and thin. It is very rare to find an Ugg boot owner that would not live in them if they could. It’s therefore important if you do own some Ugg boots, that you know how to clean Ugg Boots. Like a new puppy, Uggs […]

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How to spot fake Ugg Boots

All the Ugg Boots on Boot Boutique are genuine. If you choose a boot on our site that states it’s Ugg Australia than it will be! However, we can’t vouch for other sites. Here’s a video on how to check if your boots are the genuine article.

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5 Ladies Boots with fur to Complement Your Winter Outfit

IT’S WINTER TIME LADIES! You know what that means. Time to get covered up in thick hats, gloves, and scarves to stay warm. However, you have a dilemma. How can you still look good and stay stylish with all these layers on?  Then it hits you. FUR-LINED BOOTS!!! They’re so many options out there for […]

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How To Wear Ugg Boots

Table of contents Style them with Black Leggings Uggs and Shorts Combine Ugg Boots with White We have seen them everywhere, and you probably owned or wore a pair at least once in your life. The Ugg Boots have become a part of the fashion industry for some time now. They’re a unisex style of […]

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